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The Cheese Cellar

Back Forty Artisan Cheese

Bonnechere (1.5kg)

Sheep's milk cheese with a rind that is toasted over an open flame before aging, imparting a caramel essence as it ages

Flower Station (1.5kg) 

A firm sheep's milk feta that provides a huge wake up call to your senses

Highland Blue (2.5kg)

A rich and cream Sheep's milk blue cheese​ with a natural rind

Madawaska (1.4kg)

A chalky and slightly tangy sheep's milk cheese most commonly related to a soft traditional brie​ with it's bloomy rind

Ompah (1.9kg) 

A washed rind sheep's milk cheese that endures frequent washings to create it's characteristic and unique rind​

Blyth Farm Cheese


Drunken Ram (2kg)

​​​A wine soaked washed rind ram's milk cheese, similar to a gouda​

Golden Blyth (5kg)

An award winning goat's milk washed rind cheese​, similar to a gouda​ 

Queen Bee (2kg)

A washed rind sheep's milk cheese with slightly sweeter notes due to bring washed with honey wine or mead 

Eweda Aged (4.5kg)

A washed rind sheep's milk cheese with a firm texture studded with crystals, and flavours of lanolin and hay with salty notes to finish

Gunn's Hill

​​​​​​​​​​​Dark Side of the Moo (2.5kg) 

A cow's milk cheese soaked for 4 days in Dark Side Chocolate Stout from Woodstock's Upper Thames Brewery​

5 Brothers Smoked​​ (2.5kg)

Cow​'s milk cheese naturally smoked with maple and applewood creating a creamy rich smokey flavour

5 Brothers (2.5kg) 

Creamy and rich cow's milk cheese with sweeter overtones and distinctive eyes throughout​

Tipsy (4kg) 

Wheels of Oxford Harvest are soaked in Palatine Hills Cabernet Merlot for several days to create this delicious wine cheese

Handeck (3kg) 

Delicate cow's milk cheese aged on cedar planks adding robust flavours and creating a drier hard cheese​

Oxford Harvest (3.5kg)

A mild creamy cow's milk cheese aged on cedar planks​

Mountainoak Cheese

3 Year Gouda (2kg) 

An extra firm cow's milk gouda aged for 3 years that has won many awards​ 

Black Truffle Gouda (1kg)

A truffle flavoured cow's milk gouda cheese that is often thought of as a cheese to be savoured for special occasions​

Chili Smoked Gouda (2kg) 

A naturally smoked cow's milk cheese that provides a creamy texture, a smokey flavour and a bite on the finish

Farmstead Medium Gouda (2kg)

A perfect everyday cheese with a smooth and creamy texture​

Gold Gouda (2kg)

A full flavoured farmstead cow's milk gouda that exudes hints of butterscotch and caramel​

Mustard Seed Gouda (2kg)

A unique cow's milk rustic gouda with a robust, sharp and slightly sweet flavour thanks to the addition of whole mustard seeds​

Wild Nettle Gouda (2kg)

A cow's milk gouda cheese with wild nettle added to provide a herbal, earthy flavour creating an exceptional taste experience​

Cheese Curds (1kg) 

Squeaky curds are cut fresh from gouda cheese

Lenberg Farms

Lindsay Goat Cheddar (4.54kg) 

A hand-crafted goat's milk cheese made in small batches and wrapped in cheesecloth to create an earthy, nutty and slightly crumbly cheddar

Tania Reserve (2kg) 

An award winning aged Toscano style sheep​'s milk cheese with a mild, sweet yet nutty flavour

Thea Cheddar (2.25kg)

A firm sheep's milk cheese with woody buttery aromas, and slight caramel undertones ​

Stonetown Artisan Cheese

Farmstead Fontina (2kg)

A rich and creamy 'baby swiss' style cheese that melts wonderfully and works well in everyday applications​

Grand Trunk (4kg) 

A nicely balanced washed rind cow's milk cheese with an aromatic rind that gives the cheese a contrasting texture to the interior​​

​​Homecoming (2kg) 

Natural milky notes make this cow's milk cheese an everyday favourite for so many applications​

Moonshine (1.25kg) 

Semi-soft cow's milk cheese soaked in Moonshine Whiskey from Junction 56 Distillery

​​​​Farmstead Emmental (2kg) 

The interior of this cow's milk cheese is mild, with slight sweet nutty notes​ that leaves a nice creaminess on the palate

Wildwood (3kg) 

A firm cow's milk cheese with a zesty flavour profile and rustic appearance with a nice balance of salt​

Monforte Dairy

​​Buffalo Memelette (2kg) 

A vibrant orange colour due to the addition of annatto, this aged water buffalo milk cheese is a beautiful version of the French classic

Nocino (1.6kg)

A semi-firm cow's milk cheese with a distinct texture, thanks to the additional of fenugreek seeds speckled throughout​

Penance Cheddar (2.5kg) 

A sharp water buffalo milk ​cheddar cheese

Thornloe Cheese

​​2 Year White Cheddar (4.54kg)

Created using old fashioned cheesemaking techniques, this fresh cow's milk cheddar is aged for 2 years​

Devil's Rock Blue (280gr)

This beautiful creamy blue cheese provides a slightly sharp but mild flavour compared to traditional blue cheeses, and is sealed in a black wax casing​ 

Asiago (2kg) 

A play on the traditional, the nutty and yeasty aromas are combined with a strong flavour to give you an incredible sharp asiago also sealed in a black wax casing​

Quality Cheese

Burrata (6x250gr)

Soft, smooth exterior, with a textured and creamy centre

Smoked Provolone (3.3kg)

A lightly smoked flavour and delicately salted provolone​

Triple Cream Brie (300gr)

Creamy, mild and slightly bloomy individual brie cheese w​heels that have a delicate hint of sweet and sour flavours

Buffalo Mozzarella (8x125gr)

Fresh buffalo milk cheese with a sweet, rich and milky flavour that is slightly salted

Fior di Latte (3kg)

A delicious fresh mozzarella with a shiny smooth exterior, and a white uniform interior that is pliable, moist and soft​

Fruilano (2.5kg)

With a yellow exterior rind, this cow's milk cheese has a crisp white interior and a great cheese for everyday applications​

Tallegio (1kg)

With a soft and velvety orange mold exterior, this cow's milk cheese has an off-white interior that is so silky and creamy

Bella Marie Brie Wheel (3kg)

 ​This double cream brie is a crowd pleaser - with its white and velvety rind surrounding a delicious creamy interior, this is definitely a brie to feature

Glengarry Fine Cheese


Celtic Blue (2.4kg)

A soft creamy blue cheese with delicate blue veining and a limestone coloured natural rind, which is developed by specific ripening cultures​

*Fleur-en-Lait (2.3kg)

A semi-soft cheese with a thin, bright, orange and pungent washed rind, which envelopes the delicate but robust sweet and fruity interior​


​​​Blue Benedictine (1.5kg)

A delicious rich cow's milk blue cheese​ with creamy woody undertones, the natural grey rind gives off a wild mushroom aroma

Blue Ermite (2kg)

With a moist and thin grey rind, this blue cheese has a cream​y coloured paste and an even distribution of blue veins

Fromagerie Ile-Aux-Grues

Cheval Noir de L'isle (1.7kg)

This semi-soft cow's milk cheese has mild lactic notes and is covered with a thin coat of vegetable ash and has a bloomy rind​

Cure Quertier de L'isle (1.4kg)

A tasty cow's milk semi-soft cheese that offers contrasting textures and colours, this cheese has notes of butter and roasted almond​

Macpherson de L'isle (1.4kg) 

A washed rind cow's milk cheese with a strip of vegetable ash running through the centre, and a yellowish orange rind​ provides a subtle and fruity armoa

Riopelle de L'isle (1.3kg)

A triple cream artisanal cheese with a downy whitish rind and a creamy ivory-coloured paste with a sometimes chalky heart - this cheese boasts sweet butter and fresh mushroom aromas

Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser

Douanier (3kg)

A cow's milk washed rind cheese that features a signature central line of edible vegetable ash, provides an earthy aroma and organic flavour​

Raclette (2kg)

A semi-soft cow's milk washed rind cheese that is surface ripened for approximately 8 weeks, there are notes of hazelnut and butter making it a great melting cheese ​

St.Paulin (2kg)

Semi-soft cow's milk cheese with a smooth bright orange surface making it quite unique, there are buttery, sweet and slightly acidic notes that will excite your palate​

Cows Creamery

Avonlea Cheddar (2kg)

A firm cow's milk cheddar cheese benefitting off of the salt and iron-rich soil of Prince Edward Island, makes this cheddar really stand out 

Alexis de Portneuf

​​Lady Laurier (1.2kg)

This cow's milk triple cream brie has a bloomy rind and a touch of vanilla flavour, and the rich, creamy texture releases subtle notes of flowers and sweet bread​

Meteorite (125gr)

A mellow, creamy, blue-veined, ash covered cow's milk cheese that is a combination of blue & brie cheese

Sauvagine (800gr)

This cheese has a moist and supple rind that ripens from the outside in, with a runny ivory body, it exudes a fresh buttery and mushrooms notes on the palate​

Fromagerie la Station Compton

Alfred le Fermier (2.6kg)

Using raw cow's milk, this washed rind cheese is pressed and cooked to create a yellowish orange rind that produces a woodsy aroma and a flowery hazelnut flavour

Oka (2.26kg)

Made from pasteurized cow's milk, this cheese was baptized by the Trappist monks with a special wash that provides an unforgettable taste and aroma​

Fromagerie de Detour

Grey Owl (1.2kg)

A soft vegetable ash covered goat's milk cheese with a wrinkly, dark, slate-coloured and piquant smelling edible rind & a slightly crumbly yet firm interior​

Fromagerie Champetre

Cheese Curds (2kg)

Squeaky cheddar curds that are famous for their mild yet slightly acidic flavour ​

Extra Old Orange Cheddar (2.26kg)

A traditional 100% Canadian cow's milk orange cheddar cheese​

Extra Old White Cheddar (2.26kg)

A traditional 100% Canadian cow's milk white cheddar cheese​

Du Village 1860

Pleine Lune (450gr)

A distinctive cow's milk soft cheese with a bloomy rind that is covered in vegetable ash and provides a peppery taste and rich texture​
Fromagerie Medard

Bois de Grandmont (300gr)

Belted in spruce bark which provides structure and woodsy notes, this cow's milk ​cheese has a soft paste resembling a brie cheese, but with a softer and buttery texture

Petits Vieux (200gr)

A firm cheese that is aged naturally in a cellar and made from brown Swiss cow​'s milk makes this cheese unique and a tangy alternative

14 Arpents (1.1kg)

A square-shaped washed rind cow's milk cheese with a creamy ​interior and covered with a wonderful orange rind full of flavour with slight undertones of hazelnut

Fromagerie du Presbytere

Bleu d'Elizabeth (1.2kg)

A semi-soft cow's milk blue cheese​ made with thermalized milk that has an interior mold with a perfect salty balance

Religieuse (1.7kg)

Washed rind and aged for 3-6 months, this cow's milk medium-firm cheese has a light interior and dark crisp exterior​

Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde

Rassembleu Organic (1kg)

A firm blue veined cheese​ made from organic cow's milk, this cheese has a natural grey rind that gives it a unique appearance and texture

Fromagerie la Suisse Normande

​​Le Pizy (200gr) 

A small nugget of immense flavour, this mild and milky cow's milk​ cheese provides an aroma of fresh mushrooms

Chevronne (200gr)

Made from pasteurized goat's milk, this cheese is similar in shape to Le Pizy, with a smooth paste and bright white bloomy rind​

Fromagerie Fuoco

Fuoco (125gr)

This is Quebec's only water buffalo milk washed rind cheese -- the exceptional quality of the rich and fatty milk​ reveals itself in the delicate creamy taste of this unique cheese

Fromagerie Blackburn

​​Blackburn Cheddar (130gr) 

This firm washed rind cheddar is made using the traditional English style and features a pale yellow paste that is soft and slightly crumbly creating a taste that is slightly salty and acidic

Fromagerie Blackburn_edited_edited.jpg
Blue Harbour

Urban Blue (1.5kg)

This rich and double cream blue is both charming and refined- it's made with Nova Scotia's purest cow's milk, this blue delivers mushroomy, umami flavours without being too pungeant

Blue Harbour_edited.jpg
Laiterie Charlevoix

​​Bleu de Brebis (100gr) 

A strong sheep's milk blue cheese with a greyish rind and lots of blue veins in its yellow-beige interior, it features sharp mushroom and cream aromas and reveals a pungent, slightly salty and bitter taste

Le Fleurmier (250gr)

With a white fuzzy rind typical of bloomy cheeses, it's cream-coloured paste is rich and velvety typical of Camembert style cheeses

Le 1608 (4kg)

A firm pressed and washed rind cheese aged 3-6 months, it has a lightly damp, pinkish rind with a smooth, unctuous, melt-in-your-mouth deep yellow pate made with 100% cow's milk

*Tomme de Brebis (100gr)

This firm sheep's milk cheese has a beige rind and paste with a smooth interior and mild lactic aromas - It is mild to the taste, rich and lightly salted which is perfect for many applications

Vieux Charlevoix Cheddar (200gr)

This cheddar has been produced by Laiterie Charlevoix since 1948 and is aged for 18 months, creating a lovely aged traditional cheddar

Fromagerie Charlevoix_edited.jpg
Fromagerie de la Moutonniere

Fion D'Odeur (800gr)

With a pinkish bloomy rind, this creamy sheep's milk cheese has a beautiful melty interior that boasts cream and mushroom aromas and a great alternative to a triple cream brie

Fromagerie de la Moutonniere_edited.jpg
Green Goddess Vegan Cheese

​​Stout & Smoke (200gr) 

Herb & Peppercorn (200gr)

Cranberry Stilton (200gr)

Import Selections
  • Stilton 

  • Shropshire Blue 

  • Caramelized Onion Cheddar

  • Applewood Smoked Cheddar

  • Blueberry Wensleydale

  • Lemon Wensleydale 

  • Cranberry Wensleydale

  • Sticky Toffee Cheddar

  • Snowdonia Amber Mist 

  • Snowdonia Beechwood 

  • Snowdonia Black Bomber 

  • Snowdonia Green Thunder 

  • Snowdonia Nature's Nectar

  • Snowdonia Red Devil 

  • Snowdonia Ruby Mist

  • Bellavitano Tennesse Whiskey

  • Bellavitano Merlot

  • Parmesan Padano

  • Parmesan Reggiano

  • Romano Pecorino

  • Chateau de Bourgogne

  • Delice de Bourgogne

  • Comte Reserve 18 Month

  • Petit Basque (Istara Sheep) 

  • Emmenthal 

  • Gruyere Swiss

  • Cambazola

  • Beemster Classic 

  • Danish Blue

  • Dubliner

  • Cheddar with Guinness

  • Manchego 6 month

  • Cabra al Vino

As a specialty wholesale food supplier, we ask you to contact us with any questions you may have about any cheeses you are sourcing but is not listed above -- we can likely source it for you!

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