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Fresh Oysters

About Us


Supplying wholesale products to local restaurants, caterers, butcher shoppes, culinary facilities, bakeries, retail stores and more. 
Located in Cambridge, Ontario, we pride ourselves in sourcing local and sustainable products for our customers at the highest of quality! 

Seafood Meal

Edesia is owned and operated by Barb Cromb, who after leaving her long time executive banking career, set out to run a company alongside fellow foodies. Barb sought to create an environment full of fun, collaboration, challenge and inclusivity. 

Many of the edesia team members are former front of house and back of house restaurant staff, with strong product knowledge and a passion for the industry. We know what it's like to be in the weeds - we're here to help!


Fun Fact: "edesia" is the name of the Roman Goddess of food & feast!


Order Requirements 

Our current minimum order for all deliveries is $300 for most regions, with GTA being the exception with a $500 minimum order. 

Any orders that do not meet the minimum will be subject to a $45 delivery fee. 

There are always circumstances that come up where minimums are not met, but we will always work with you!

Return Policies

All products need to be inspected and checked off by you at time of delivery. If any issues come up, and the driver has already left, please just call us.

Returns are able to be arranged up until 24 hours of your delivery so please be diligent.

If the driver is still there, you are welcome to return it immediately. 

Special Ordered Items are not eligible for a refund or to be returned.


best aquaculture practices

 Certifying products that are both grown, caught and processed in a sustainable way


marine stewardship council

The MSC certifies fisheries, not species & has developed standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. 

sea choice

Canada’s most comprehensive sustainable seafood program, is about solutions for healthy oceans. 


ocean wise

Certifying species of fish based on it's assessment of whether a species is sustainable or not


Get In Touch

115 Saltsman Drive 
Unit #10 
Cambridge, ON

P: 519-650-5498

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